Winter Olympics Norovirus


With the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics barely underway, the Games are hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons – an outbreak of Norovirus that has sickened 128 people.

The virus is highly contagious and causes vomiting and stomach cramps among other symptoms. Athletes from several countries were taken ill and some were forced to miss competitions at last year’s world athletics championship in London when the virus was found to have spread through one hotel.

The Games chief, Lee Hee-beom, told a news conference, “We are fully operational with many of our athletes and officials here and settling into their life in the villages and training is under way at all venues.”

He also confirmed that  1,200 private security staff have been sidelined as fear of a Norovirus outbreak among some of them has forced organisers to replace them with military personnel pending medical tests.

Norovirus, which is also called the “winter vomiting flu” and is known to break out on cruise ships, usually spreads through contact with infected people or contaminated food, water or surfaces.

To help combat the outbreak, hand sanitiser has been distributed. This incident proves the importance of using the right products at the right time.

If you want to find out more about disinfectants, wipes and other products that combat norovirus, please speak with your System Hygiene representative or call our friendly customer service team on 01282 777999 Monday to Friday, 8am-5.30pm. Thank you.

Sources & Credits: Reuters, Time Magazine, The Guardian, Businss Insider. Photo Credit: Time Magazine.