Door Handle Cleaning

Top 5 Areas You Forget to Clean

When it comes to cleaning your house or even place of work, it’s a lot easier than you think to accidentally miss a few places and they are generally places that you either can’t reach or don’t think of as getting particularly dirty. It is important you try to remember even the smallest corners of the room as dirt and bacteria can collect before you know it! Here are a few examples of the top areas we bet you forget to clean!

Sponges and brushes

Even if you do regularly clean your room or home, we bet you haven’t thought about cleaning the equipment that you use! Kitchen sponges can collect a lot of bacteria from cleaning dishes all day and so you should disinfect or replace your sponges often to avoid using a potentially dirty sponge to clean. Likewise, the head of your broom can collect dust very easily and so should be cleaned out in order for your equipment to do its job properly!

Small electronics

Items that are used on a daily basis but not often, if ever, cleaned include television remotes, earphones and even your mobile phone. If you stop to think how many people may have touched the TV remote or where you have put your phone down in the past, you would probably realise that they could all do with a disinfecting wipe or a proper mobile phone cleaner.

Light switches and door knobs

Again, these are parts of your home or workplace that you probably touch a lot without thinking about it. Door handles in particularly may be handled by a lot of different people, making it a high-traffic area for bacteria! These parts of the building are most probably overlooked when you are cleaning.

High surfaces

On top of surfaces such as your fridge, high cabinets and even the top of light surfaces are most probably forgotten about! This could be due to not being able to reach, or you simply don’t remember because you don’t see them on a day to day basis. Either way, it is important you clean these areas just to prevent a build up of dust or bacteria.

Shower head

While you may think your shower head doesn’t need a proper clean because it is often surrounded with water, you’d be wrong! It is incredibly easy to clean your shower head and should be part of your routine when you come to clean the bathroom. By giving the shower head a scrub you can get rid of any build up of calcium or germs and it can even help the water flow better.

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