The Best Products to Use Before Food Preparation

The Best Products To Use Before Food Preparation


It is incredibly important to ensure that your kitchen is in great condition before you choose to start preparing food for you or your family. It has been proven that it is actually your kitchen that harbours the most germs in your house, opposed to popular belief that it would be your bathroom. With this in mind, it is crucial that your kitchen is a hygienic place before you cook your meals. Germs can enter your kitchen in many different ways, and very easily too, either on our hands, from raw food and even our pets. Often you run the risk of becoming ill if you mix food preparation and an unclean kitchen.


Washing your hands


Having clean hands is one of the most important things if you are handling food. Make sure you always have soap or hand wash ready so that you can wash your hands thoroughly before you being preparing a meal. This is particularly important if you have been handling your pets, or you have touched the bin or raw food. Germs can be spread very easily if you aren’t careful!


Clean all worktops


You should remember to clean all work surfaces and chopping boards before and after you have prepared food; this is mainly to avoid cross-contamination and ensure no food comes into contact with anything dirty. Your cloths and scourers are also at risk; washing and replacing them every now and again is crucial as they can become the perfect place for bacteria to breed over time.


Handles and taps


You might forget about the little things you touch in the kitchen when you are preparing food, which could easily spread germs. Things such as the fridge door handle or the taps on your sink could be home to germs which then make their way on to your hands. Having a disinfectant spray nearby to keep on top of this will add to the overall cleanliness of your kitchen.


Keep utensils clean


You may use various utensils in your kitchen for many different things, especially the ones you use to wash up with such as your brushes and scrapers. It may be worth having a colour coded system for washing up to avoid cross-contamination and to ensure everything is washed up properly.


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