Spring Clean Checklist for Your Office

We often dread the term ‘spring clean’ and it is something we will often find excuses to avoid. Despite this, it has become a bit of a tradition and some of us do find the motivation to give everything a proper clean and have a clear out. Whether it’s a spring clean of your home or your place of work, having a tidy and hygienic environment can be a great boost for your productivity.

When it comes to cleaning your office, there are some key tasks that will make it easier and a tad more bearable! Here at System Hygienic we’ve given you a few tips to help you if you’re about to start your spring clean. 

Stock up on your cleaning products

To keep your office in top condition you may need a variety of cleaning products to help you in your spring cleaning efforts. Whether you’re after surface cleaners, refuse collection or carpet cleaner, you’ll find it all in our list of products to ensure your office is always stocked ready for a clean!

Divide your workplace into sections

This may seem trivial, but it can really help make your cleaning tasks feel shorter, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment every time you finish a section! Clean a section at a time and move around your workspace methodically to ensure you are being proactive and getting each job done properly. 

You may want to create teams and tackle a section each; you’ll get it done even quicker if there are more of you joining in!

Declutter your desk

The old saying of ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ rings true, and you’ll notice a huge difference if you tackle your desk and get rid of things you no longer need. We probably all have a habit of keeping old papers and other documents that are no longer necessary.

Throwing away or recycling unwanted items will not only clear your workspace, but will help you keep on top of your cleaning in the future.

Keep handy cleaning products nearby

After your spring clean, it may be worth keeping a few smaller cleaning items in your desk drawer to ensure you keep on top of it. Disinfectant wipes are great for having to hand; the average work desk is 400 times dirtier than an average toilet seat, so it’s definitely worth regularly cleaning your desk area!

Why should you spring clean your office?

A clean, hygienic environment is beneficial for many different reasons. An uncluttered workspace can result in fewer injuries and less absentees. UK workers lose 9.1 days on average to sickness; this can be reduced by getting rid of unnecessary bacteria or other viruses that come from having an unclean office!

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