The winter weather is finally upon us and the temperature is dropping as each week passes. You may be starting to wonder if you should stock up on a few items to make sure you are ready for any snow or icy conditions that may appear overnight. If you’re not sure what to get to make sure you’re prepped for the winter months, here are a few ideas from us at System Hygiene!


This is a great product to keep in your car. A De-Icer Aerosol is an effective way to melt ice quickly and can be used to clear your windscreen or windows for those freezing early mornings before you head off to work. Operating at temperatures as low as -15°C, you can guarantee it’ll do the job to a high standard. also We stock a comprehensive de-icers and de-icer spreaders for larger areas such as steps, paths and roads. 

Rock Salt

This low cost but great quality solution to your ice and snow problems is a combination of coarse rock salt, sand and special ice-melting additives. It can quickly and effectively clear ice and snow, just in case you happen to wake up to a driveway full of ice! Likewise, the rock salt can be used as a preventative measure and be spread on paths and pavements to prevent ice settling, therefore preventing slippery conditions!

Snow Shovel

A specially designed snow shovel that is ideal for shoveling significant amounts of snow is an ideal product to have in the cupboard just in case we are forecast a lot of snow! Light and easy to use, a snow shovel could come in use for years to come and is built to last. Perfect for clearing paths or your driveway.

Protective weather clothing

There are a number of items of clothing that you should keep in your wardrobe for those dark, wintry conditions that we may encounter in the coming weeks. Hi visibility jackets could be a necessity if you are clearing snow or ice by a road or in the dark, to ensure you are visible at all times! If roads are icy and treacherous it is important that you can be seen by drivers.

Wellies are also a useful item to own! The only shoes that will protect you from cold and snow, their firm grip will ensure you don’t slip.

Waterproof jackets will also be an essential during this season as we are guaranteed cold and rainy weather. Likewise, you might be after a fleece for those extra layers of warmth; it’s essential that you wrap up as the temperatures drop lower and lower.

If you need any essential products to prepare yourself for ice and snow this winter, please call our friendly customer services team on 01282 777999 or speak with your System Hygiene account manager. Let us keep you warm and dry this winter!