Keep Staff Safe

No matter where your workplace is, staff safety is of upmost importance. This might mean going over food hygiene issues, safety manuals or even providing them with training about how to do their job well.

One thing that many construction or industrial sites might need is safety clothing. This includes everything from hard helmets to disposable face masks.

Here we will discuss safety workwear which you should consider providing your staff and why:


Ear Defenders and Ear Plugs

Ear Defender and Ear Plugs might seem small and invaluable but this safety wear provides people working with loud machinery or loud environments with a way of diminishing the sound.

This will mean that the noise does not affect their ear drums, causes them less stress and they can go on doing the same job for a longer period of time.


Glasses and Goggles

In laboratories or industries where an employees eyes are at risk it is highly important that your employees are wearing the correct safety wear. With potential chemicals or foreign objects potentially causing damage to the eyes, these goggles and glasses are essential.


One of the most common injuries in the workplace is cuts or scrapes caused to the cornea as well as splashes with grease, oil and burns from steam. This kind of damage can be lasting and without the proper safety equipment you, as an employer can be liable.


Hard Hats

Hard Hats are essential especially for construction or building sites. They protect your head from bumps against fixed objects and equipment in any situation.

In situations where objects fall or your employees band their heads on low lying objects, these hard hats can truly save your life.


Make sure your employees know they should wear them no matter what!


Keep your staff safe in the workplace and they will want to work for you for longer. It is as simple as that! Provide them with all the right safety wear from System Hygiene today.