4 Ways To Keep Germs At Bay In School

Schools are full of amazing kids, opportunities to learn and millions upon millions of germs. There a constantly colds, germs and other illnesses being brought into the school because people are unaware that they are ill.

Keeping schools clean is a hard job because of the amount of staff and pupils that are constantly passing through. It’s hard to know which area has been cleaned, which needs doing regularly and which places don’t need as much attention.

The best thing you can do is try to combat the passing of bad germs between staff, pupils and other visitors when they come in contact with the school. Here 5 ways to keep germs at bay in schools from System Hygiene:


1.Install Foam Soap Dispensers

Foam soap dispensers like the GOJO star white hands free soap dispenser helps to keep germs at bay by eliminating the need to touch the soap dispenser. This means the bathrooms can be fitted with these soap dispensers to make sure that germs are killed properly when the children and staff washed their hands.

It means that no one has to keep touching the same surface to get any soap out when washing their hands. It might be wise to remind the children to use soap when washing their hands and add signs the bathrooms so that they remember.


2.Sterlisie Toys

This might be hard to do but sterilising most toys can severely decrease the rate of which bacteria multiples. This can be done on a weekly basis to prevent the spreading of harmful germs.


3.Disinfect All Surfaces

Using a surface cleaner or a disinfectant spray you should aim to make sure that every surface is wiped down after use. This mainly includes tables, kitchen counters and desks with which people are coming into constant contact.

Try putting a disinfectant spray in each classroom and advising the teachers to wipe down the area once they have finished for the day.


4.Keep The Carpets As Clean As Possible

Keeping carpets clean isn’t a neccessitiy but when especially small children are playing on the floor, leaving their toys on the floor or even their bags, it can cause a number of germs to multiply.

By cleaning the carpet with something like the VAX AAA concentrated carpet cleaner you can keep the carpets looking as good as new as well as safer for the children to play on. This might only need to be done once a week dependent on the frequency of the rooms use.

To find out more about keeping harmful germs at bay and the right products to use at your school, contact System Hygiene.