4 Reasons To Keep Your Desk Clean

A clean workspace is important for many reasons, including productivity, staving off germs and helping keep up your professional image. But there is so much more to it than that, and at System Hygiene we understand the importance of keeping your cleaning cupboard stocked up with the right products to keep your office clean and tidy, and so much more than that . Here we go through reasons to keep your desk clean! 

Keep Your Desk Clean

Makes You Look More Professional

An untidy desk can give off the wrong impression to clients and visitors to your office, walking in to an office that is covered in files or general mess could potentially give the impression that this is reflective of the way that you work.

Increases Productivity

A tidy environment encourages a tidy mind and in turn this will encourage productivity amongst your employees to increase. The work produced will be of a higher quality and creativity is likely to flourish much more in a tidier environment.

Easily Access Important Information

If you have an untidy desk, it’s likely that information will easily be misplaced and lost amongst the pieces of paper that may be strewn across your desk. Create a routine that enables you to clean and organise your desk at the end of each day to remove and file away important documents that you know will need to be easily accessed. This works for your digitally stored documents too, ensured they are filed and named accordingly to enable them to be easily found if you need them, or delete them if you know they are no longer required.

Remove Germs and Stop Infection

Your desk could be harbouring more germs than a toilet seat, (more than 400x more germs to be exact!), why not implement a clean desk policy amongst your company to encourage your employees to clean their desks thoroughly at least once a week and give it a wipe down and organise files at the end of the day. This will help to prevent germs from spreading and infection occurring.

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