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Spreading germs in the office can lead to extended sickness of workers and lower the overall productivity of your business. It’s vital that you begin business operations with an aura of cleanliness that you aim to instil into the office. Without getting ahead of the curve you’ll find it quite difficult to create new procedures when employees get settled into their daily routine.

In today’s blog, System Hygiene bring you 4 simple ways you can avoid spreading germs in an office type environment. You may think that they’re quite simple but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t follow these steps. It’s up to you as an employer to ensure that they’re followed and reinforce them often.


Hand Hygiene

It nearly always starts with hand hygiene in the workplace, especially offices where a group of people are in close proximity. A large portion of bacteria and diseases are spread by touch, so it’s essential that employees are constantly reminded about hand hygiene and practice. As an employer, erect signs in appropriate places to reinforce cleaning hands often and ensure to keep hand cleaning products such as disinfectant wipes.


Good Practice

Everything you instil into the working environment is all for naught if you don’t set up good practices, without them, you’ll be hard pressed to get anything done, in hygiene and business.

Setup a cleaning system where every week you spend the last hour of a Friday for instance cleaning up, ensuring that it’s nice and clean through the weekend and entering the following week. You’ll be surprised at how it’ll improve the productivity of your office without mess getting in the way.


Cover Your Mouth

With many germs and diseases spread through the nose and mouth it’s important to remind you and your employees to cover your face when coughing and sneezing. These small points are what differentiates a messy and germ filled office to a clean one, you’ll notice when your staff are off sick often.

Help out where you can by stocking up on the basic hygiene supplies such as facial tissues spread around the office and hand towels for them messy sneeze situations.



No office or workplace is 100% germ free and eventually you’ll have a cold outbreak where one person comes in and it spreads to other people. In more serious cases, where it’s not just a cold, people will try to come into work to avoid sick days. This drastically increases the chance of long sick absences by multiple employees, affecting business productivity. Ensure to remind employees that if they’re sick with something that can be easily spread throughout the office to stay at home and rest.