473474 Tork M3 Reflex Wiping Paper 120m 2ply White Mini Centre Feed - 9 Rolls per Case

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473474 Tork M3 120m 2ply White Mini Reflex Rolls



Tork Logo2 ply white film wrapped centre feed rolls packed in 9's to fit the Tork Mini Reflex Dispenser. 200 sheets per roll, sheet size 210x350mm.

The Tork Reflex Wiper System is a single sheet centre feed dispensing system manufactured from a multi-use, ultra absorbent and strong tissue. Reflex is designed to be used anywhere and is ideal in front of house situations, such as restaurants and pubs as its one hand use delivers fast and controlled wiping, so you can keep working on the go. The key selling point of the system is its one sheet dispensing, continuous streaming of the rolls is impossible - unlike standard centre feed rolls, therefore dramatically reducing its cost in use.

Features & Benefits
  • Maximised ease of use, only one hand needed to dispense a sheet.
  • Dispenser is not touched, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Fully enclosed dispenser protects from damp and dirt.
  • Each roll is individually wrapped ensuring each new sheet dispensed has not been in contact with airbourne bacteria.
  • Reduced servicing time due to longer lasting roll and the ability to be hosed down. 
  • Ideal for use in areas where space is of a premium.

How to Use

Unlock the dispenser with the key provided and replace rolls as needed. Once the roll is in the dispenser simply pull one sheet at a time.

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Description 473474 Tork M3 Reflex Wiping Paper 120m 2ply White Mini Centre Feed - 9 Rolls per Case
Brand Tork