Evans Vanodine Multi-Acid Blended Acid Detergent Descaler 25ltr

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Evans Vanodine Multi-Acid Blended Acid Detergent Descaler 25ltr



Evans Vanodine LogoEvans Multi Acid is a blended acid detergent descaler manufactured from nitric and phosphor giving synergistic action. The cleaner provides rapid and effective scale removal within ABW plants and is ideal for an economical night wash.

Features & Benefits

  • Blended acid formulation.
  • Economical night wash.
  • Rapid scale removal.
  • Non-foaming formulation.
  • Suitable for use in robotic parlours.
  • Effective ABW cleaner.
  • Ideal for CIP cleaning.
  • Contains a pH of 1.
  • Sold individually.

How to Use Evans Vanodine Multi Acid Blended Acid Detergent Descaler

Alternating Alkali - Acid Cleaning of Milking Plants:  Following hot alkaline cleaning for the morning wash, may be used cold for the night wash at a concentration of 0.25-1.0%v/v (0.25-1.0lt per 100lt, 4-16fl.oz per 10 gallons).

Acid Boiling Water (ABW) Cleaning Of Milking Plants: May be used in ABW systems according to the following table-

Milking Points Volume In Circuit (LTS)

Volume of Multi-Acid

Required Per Litre (ml)

10 160 190
12 190 220
14 225 265
16 255 300
18 285 335
20 320 375


Scale Removal and Control: 

Recommended for removal of milkstone and other tenacious scales from milking plant and utensils, use at a concentration of 1.0–4.0%v/v (1.0–4.0 litres per 100lt, 16–65fl.oz per 10 gallons) at ambient to 60°C. Scale removal is faster at high temperature. Circulate a solution at the above concentration for 5-10 minutes before discharging to waste, followed by thorough rinsing to remove residues.

In-Place Cleaning of Dairy Plant:

May be used in two stage in-place cleaning programmes, following treatment with an appropriate alkaline detergent, at a concentration of 0.2–1.0%v/v (0.2–1.0lt per 100lt, 3–16fl.oz per 10 gallons) and ambient temperature to 60°C. It may also be used in acidified rinse CIP systems for disinfection of raw milk silos and lines.


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