CX1000 Grey Finish High Efficiency Hand Dryer

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CX1000 Grey Finish High Efficiency Hand Dryer



The Jet hand dryer works in just 10-18 seconds - literally scraping water from your hands like a windscreen wiper. It is an extremely fast hand dryer, and uses up to 80% less energy than typical warm air hand dryers. The Jet hand dryer is also very hygienic as hands need never touch any part of the dryer, it also includes a filter to capture bacteria from the air used to dry hands.

Compared to paper hand towels this product is very cost efficient. Paper towels are expensive to buy, restock and dispose of - they also generate landfill.  For the cost of just one paper towel the Jet hand dryer can dry up to 19 pairs of hands.  That means immediate savings.

Compared to `standard warm air hand dryers` there are also several advantages.  Warm air hand dryers are too slow - some take as long as 44 seconds to work.  They only create enough airflow to remove just a little of the water from your hands...while slowly evaporating the rest.  Warm air hand dryers are also unhygienic as they can`t filter bacteria from washroom air before it reaches your hands. 

Features & Benefits
  • High efficency hand dryer.
  • Dry your hands within 18 seconds.
  • More efficient by consuming less energy.
  • LCD display panel.
  • Pleasant design.


Technical Information

  • Tension : 220v / 50hz.
  • Electric consumption : 850 W.
  • Intensity : 6.5A.
  • Waterproof : 1PX1.
  • Ventilation volume : 150m3 / hour - 250kw / hour.
  • Ventilation speed : 68 m/S.
  • Sound level : 80 dba.
  • Dimensions : 29.5 x 25 x 65cm
  • Weight : 15.5kg.

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Description CX1000 Grey Finish High Efficiency Hand Dryer
Vat Exempt No
Brand Prodifa