Soludoz BIB125 Hard Surface Deodorising Detergent 8ltr - 100 Doses

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PVA Hygiene LogoA multi-purpose hard surface cleaner with perfume and deodoriser suitable for most surfaces.

One sachet is to be used to make 8ltr of product, 100 sachets are in this tub, that's 800 litres of product per every tub.

Our innovative range of Soludoz cleaning chemicals use water-soluble sachets to deliver the correct dose every time.  Simply drop one sachet into a bucket of water and it will dissolve completely, ready to use, no mess, no fuss. This range offers portion control without dispensers, reduces storage and distribution costs dramatically, weighs up to ten times less than the liquid equivalent, and the biodegradable formulations conform to EU legislation

Features & Benefits
  • Correct amount of powder in a completely soluble sachet.
  • Storage space kept to a minimum.
  • Weighs up to ten times less than the liquid equivalent.
6 Excellent Reasons for Choosing the Soludoz Solution
  • Simple- each dose corresponds to the exact amount of powder needed for any use. 
  • More Economical- reduce storage space and transport costs.  A much more concentrated solution than 5 litre containers.  One tub (14cm high, 20cm diameter provides 1000 litres of solution.
  • Faster- easy to transport between areas.  Products are concentrated, so lighter for the user to transport.
  • More Practical- works instantly.  Add one sachet to a bucket of water; the sachet and powder dissolves at once.
  • Safer- elimiantes the risk of over dosage, avoiding damaging your floors and surfaces thus prolonging their life.  The products are in a tub marked with the product description and a pictogram showing the instructions for use.
  • Kinder to the Environment - No harmful waste: the sachet dissolves completely, thanks to its composition (polyvinyl alcohol).


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Description Soludoz BIB125 Hard Surface Deodorising Detergent 8ltr - 100 Doses
Brand PVA Hygiene