Cardboard Collection

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System Hygiene can now recycle any of our old paper towel boxes and chemical cartons. Should you wish to return any of these, simply flat pack the boxes and we will collect them when we deliver your next order.

Please note that this service is only available for cardboard cartons supplied by System Hygiene - no additional cartons can be collected. Should you be interested in using this service please contact our sales department on 01282 777999 or alternatively contact your sales representative to be signed up. Collections may only be made when prior notice is given and can only be performed for customers who receive their deliveries using our own transport. 

It is all of our responsibility to make a difference to our environment and reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of future of generations. By re-using and recycling cardboard cartons we hope to make significant strides to achieving this goal. System Hygiene are committed to making our planet a greener place and this great service is just another example of how we are trying to help.