Bio Productions Micro Clean Stain and Odour Digester 5ltr

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Bio Productions Micro Clean Stain and Odour Digester 5ltr



Bio Productions Micro Clean may be used to remove stains and cure odours caused by urine, dairy products, baby soiling, pet soiling, fruit juices, fats and cooking oils, wine and most soft drinks. Manufactured with a concentrated blend of detergents and natural micro-organisms which digest the organic soiling traditional cleaners cannot remove. The product is only activiated by diluting with water and should be used within 3-4 hours. Any excess solution may be used to clear sinks, urinals and toilets.

Features & Benefits
  • Do not atomise - This is not an air freshener.

  • Eradicates urine.

  • Clears fats and grease.

  • Can be used on hard surfaces or fabrics.

  • Perfumed formulation.

  • Sold individually.

  • Full case pack size - 2 x 5ltrs.

How to Use Bio Productions Micro Clean Stain and Odour Digester

General Areas Of Contamination:

Dilute 1:1 with warm water and brush or sponge into contaminated areas, especially carpets and fabrics. Do not rinse. Allow to dry slowly.

Dilute 20:1 to maintain clean fresh floor tiles around toilets, urinals and showers. Use as directed to remove black mould, fat, urine, etc from tiled areas, walls and floors.

To Use In Kitchens:

Por a little directly into sink outlets to combat odours and blockages. Leave to work overnight and flush with warm water the next morning. Keep kitchen grease traps and pipework clear by using a ratio of 1ml per meal (50ml per 50 meals).

Please Note: Staining from tea and coffee may be permanent though may be reduced with treatment.  

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