50 x Large Coarse Brown Rock Salt - Pallet Deal

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50 x Large Coarse Brown Rock Salt - Pallet Deal



System Hygiene Coarse Brown Rock Salt, is the ideal low cost solution to ice and snow de-icing. The blend of coarse rock salt, sand and special ice melting additives quickly and effectively clear ice and snow. The product can also be used as a preventitive measure, being spread on car parks, paths, pavements and walkways before the onset of ice, ensuring slippery conditions and accidents don't have time to occur.

Features & Benefits
  • Pallet deal containing 50 large bags of coarse brown rock salt at a special, cut down, price.  

  • Conforms to British Standard BS 3247.

  • Can be dispensed through all of our salt spreaders and spinners.

  • Effectively melts ice and snow in seconds.

  • Each bag weighs approximatley 20-25kg.

  • Pure White Rock Salt special deals also available.

How to Use Coarse Brown Rock Salt

Spread the Rock Salt evenly covering the whole of the desired area, either by hand, using a scoop or shovel or in conjunction with one of our many rock salt spinners or drop spreaders. Any deep areas of snow will have to be cleared, via a snow shovel or plow, before the application or any rock salt, to allow it to penetrate.  

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Description 50 x Large Coarse Brown Rock Salt - Pallet Deal
Brand System Hygiene